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Provide free software for hosing cyber and coding competitions, train students for cyber competitions and consult with schools on cyber labs, curriculum, and responsible use of technology


The biggest technical barrier to hosting a Coding / Capture The Flag competition at any scale is the requirement for a system to deliver questions and score them in real time. Instant scoring means live leader boards and tons of excitement among participants. You can use our Competition API FREE with attribution  (its open source) or we can work with you to implement it for your competition and make sure that everything works 100% on the big day


Sanjin Dedic has created a comprehensive online course called:  A Teacher's Guide to Cybersecurity hosted by Teacher Training Australia. The course is a great first step for technology teachers to learn about cybersecurity and how it ties in with the concepts already taught in many tech subjects. The course shows teachers how to connect existing student knowledge of Python programming to data encoding and cryptography and teaches the essentials of Linux administration and networking. 


We specialize in three core areas: (1) Coaching students to excel in Capture the Flag Competitions, honing their skills in real-world cybersecurity challenges; (2) Building easy to use, affordable Cyber Labs, providing hands-on experience in network security; and (3) Offering guidance in moulding the best free resources from around the globe into a custom Scope and Sequence that works for your school and meets the requirements of the DigiTech Curriculum. 

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